How often should you clean your carpets?

Carpets add style and comfort to any home. Unfortunately, they also get dirty and need cleaning. Carpet fibres can easily contain dirt, grime, pet hair, and pollutants. Find out how often you should clean your carpets with our handy guide below.

Traffic Soil Rating

Carpet Owner/Maintainer

Professional Carpet Cleaner/Restorer


Spot Cleaning

Heavy-Use Area Cleaning

Restorative Cleaning

Light Soil

1x per week

Daily or as soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 12 – 18 months

Every 2 years or per manufacturer warranty

Medium Soil

1 to 2x per week

Daily or as soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 6 to 12 months


Heavy Soil

2 to 7x per week

Daily or as soon as spots are noticed

Traffic areas every 3 to 6 months

Semi-annually (2x per year)

The easiest way to keep your carpets looking and feeling great is to clean them regularly.

Questions to consider when determining how often you should clean your carpets include:

  • Do you have pets?
  • Do you have allergies?
  • Does anyone in the household smoke?
  • How heavy is foot traffic in each carpeted area?

If you have a small household without pets, young children, or smokers, you may be able to get away with vacuuming just once a week. However, a good general rule for the average household is to vacuum twice a week, and have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year. For high-traffic households with pets, children, or smokers, we recommend cleaning your carpets anywhere between three and seven times a week, depending on how soiled the area is.

How often should you clean spills and stains?

While thinking about how often to clean your carpets, don’t forget about stains. Any spills you see should be cleaned up immediately to reduce the risk of stains. You can even clean your carpet padding to keep the stain from spreading and causing additional damage and odors. If stains happen frequently in your home, consider purchasing stain resistant carpets and rugs to help you tackle spills with ease.

The benefits of regularly vacuuming your carpets

Removes dangerous particles

Carpets harbour a variety of items, including dirt, dust, pet dander, food particles, and any items that are transferred from your shoes into the carpet fibres. Unless these items are removed often, they can embed themselves into the carpet fibres, causing stains, odours, and potentially permanent damage. Even worse, these particles can spread germs, bacteria, and diseases throughout your home. To ensure that your family and guests stay safe, keep your carpets clean with regular vacuuming.

Extends the life of your carpets

Removing particles isn't the only reason to clean your carpets. Over time, the dirt and grime in your carpets will work like sandpaper to degrade the carpet fibres and cause irreversible damage. Each step on a dirty carpet can wear away at the carpet’s structure, making you lose a costly investment faster. To ensure that your carpets last as long as possible, it’s important to clean them often.

Improve the look of your carpets

Clean carpets are bright, plush, and welcoming. Vacuuming your carpets can make your home feel more inviting and comfortable for guests and family members alike. When you take the time to vacuum your carpets every week, you can protect your investment from damage and potentially even increase its lifespan.

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